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We provide guidance and care to those who serve in any definition of ministry.
It is only when we are supported well that we have the ability to encourage and serve others.


what we do

Individual Care
We offer personal, private support with individuals, couples, families or teams.
Providing opportunities to process and reflect upon life in ministry, locally or globally.
Field Visits
Training, staff retreats and pastoral care visits at your location.
We provide live and online training to equip you for your best work.

He brought me to wide open spaces

He brought me out safe because He delights in me. Psalm 18:19

What We Do

What People Say

  • My organization has partnered with Safe Place Ministry as a special resource for our missionaries that has been life-giving to them as they have been ministered to through services such as counseling, pre-marital counseling, and personal debriefs. But for me, Safe Place Ministry has been so gracious in mentoring me through various trainings to do member care well for my special people group and the continual support has been life-giving. We are grateful and blessed for Safe Place Ministry.
    Kids Alive International, Dominican Republic
  • At Safe Place, I was able to share my story without fear and receive tools and solid biblical advice for my next chapter. I arrived at Safe Place tired, discouraged and even a bit resentful. I left with a healthy Christ-centered perspective that encouraged me for my new chapter. They create a setting where the mind, body, and soul can receive healing. Grateful that Safe Place ministries not only concentrates on healing for the individual but for the family unit. We can move forward in confidence and understanding of one another as we start a new chapter together.
  • It has been an absolute joy to serve as Tom and Bethann Miller’s Pastor. I am so grateful for the wisdom, humility, and leadership they provide to our church community as well as trusted confidants that I can turn to. My wife and I have been able to journey with them for several years and have first-hand experience with what would become Safe Place ministry. As things began to move forward with this ministry they sought us out in order to share and receive feedback. In other words, they wanted to submit to our leadership. Wow, what a rare demonstration of humility and teachability. It’s awe-inspiring to watch what Safe Place has become and is turning into. I highly recommend it to you as they have a way of providing hope and healing in a holistic way. No pretense or judgment, but rather a genuine love that operates with careful precession.
    Lead Pastor Riverbend Community Church
  • When one is in crisis, timing is everything. Bethann and Tom were used by God when my husband became terribly sick and died within one week. Just before this, we had done a couples debrief with them because of a strong recommendation from 2 other couples who they had helped. When the crisis came in my life, they were present, generous with time and resources, and a good reminder to me that the Body of Christ stands by their own. I'm forever grateful for their love during the darkest week of my life.
  • My family was blessed to be supported, loved, encouraged and sharpened by the Safe Place Ministry. This ministry is not only great for missionaries but it also provides support and help for anyone in ministry and/or people who have gone through transitions and/or trauma. We hope and pray that more leaders will be able to experience the freedom and peace we have received through this Christ-filled ministry!
    Family serving in Cambodia
  • After 29 years of ministry, I found myself in a place of personal burnout. The team at Safe Place met with me for a week in the mountains of Pennsylvania. Their counseling and direction helped me reconnect with my Heavenly Father and give me new steps to protect that relationship as his personal treasure.